COVID Watch Africa is a credible information hub on the pandemic, with analysis and global responses to COVID-19’s impact on Africa.
The platform provides actors with access to updates on national reports, policy monitoring, latest developments and global responses.
The “Citizen Watch” tool developed on the platform allows for timely reports from citizens across the African continent on events related to civic space restrictions, human rights violations, citizen engagement as well as innovations made under the pandemic.

The COVID Watch Africa platform was initially formulated under Jeunes Verts Togo in April 2020, primarily to address the growing concerns of misinformation and “fake news” about the Pandemic upon the increasing numbers of the virus spread on the African continent.

Our main focus 

  • ⇒ Policy advocacy and communications on the protection and promotion of civic space on the African continent in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • ⇒ Policy monitoring and responses in Africa such as the public institution closures and openings, restrictions, guidelines, and policies on travel and in-state political environment.
  • ⇒ Monthly webinars on latest developments regarding rights abuses and violations, civic space restrictions in Africa during COVID-19, and innovations that are re-shaping the African Narrative to a selected listserv with stakeholders of interest e.g. NGO’s that promote human rights and CSO’s that advise governments on how to approach matters with a human rights-based approach.
  • ⇒ A dedicated space on the platform to publish reported cases in each African country “Citizen Watch”.