The Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Mr. Hervé DJOKPE proceeded, Friday, October 2, 2020, to the signing of the official handing over report of donation of sanitary equipment in Benin by the Malta Cross International Foundation of Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knight of Malta, Federation of Autonomous Priories (KMFAP). These are twenty-five oxygen concentrators and accessories for their operation as well as regulators.

This gesture follows other donations of materials made by the same Foundation and the NGO Femeraid International of the said Order, in order to support the efforts of the Beninese government, within the framework of the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, Hervé recalled. DJOKPE.

The repetition of these acts, he added, therefore testifies to the exemplary quality of the cooperation and friendly relations that KFMAP and the Republic of Benin maintain. It is in this atmosphere of good relations that the Order, through the NGO Femeraid International, plans to soon install an Emergency Medical Unit, Care and Assistance (UMUSA) at the international airport. from Cotonou.

On behalf of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, he conveyed the thanks of the government of President Patrice TALON to the high authorities of the KMFAP, to the heads of said organizations and to Mr. Christian KOUDAMIRO Special Representative of the KMFAP in Cotonou for this mark of generosity.

As for Mrs. Éléonore GANDJETO, Deputy Director of the Cabinet of the Minister of Health, she reassured that the equipment will be deployed on the care sites where, despite the tireless efforts of the government, their need is felt.


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